NOISE: Oh joy, the turkeys are safe...


...But us turkeys are out and in the clubs once again! With much delay -- and lots of delay pedals -- we quickly wrap up our wearabouts. We being the royal we -- or the twice-as-tubby-we now that we have mowed through all that dark turkey meat, three different kinds of stuffing, several pies, and a few small children.

Aye, it's Daevid Allen. All photos by Kimberly Chun.

Dang, it was fun seeing Daevid Allen's University of Errors at the Hemlock back on Nov. 17. Citay rolled out the classic rock jams -- as well as a bitching George Harrison cover. Then the Gong and Soft Machine vet entered spieling in verse and singing olde SM tunes.

Lou Lou and the Guitar Fish wig out for Birdman Records at 12 Galaxies.

Later, after the turducken lovin' was done, on Nov. 25, we repaired to the Birdman Records holiday party and Dema birthday soiree at 12 Galaxies. Lots of quality Birdman entertainment was on the agenda -- and a weather-beaten once-lost, now-Tenderloin-based member of 13th Floor Elevators was in the haus. Brian Glaze and a solo-esque Greg Ashley performed. Too bad we missed Howlin' Rain and Time Flys later that eve - had to skee-daddle.

Brian Glaze gets down early in the evening at the Birdman shindig.

Greg Ashley pulls tapes, plays guitar, and goes solo-ish at 12 Galaxies.

That same night at Bottom of the Hill, Lemonaid was pouring it all out loud, slushy, and droney to a sparse crowd. Then Les Georges Leningrad got a few stomping with ear-bleed beats.

Les Georges Leningrad go batty.

When's our next four-day vacation?