NOISE: Burn, babies, burn


It's a whole lotta noise in a teeny tiny package: Deluxe Incinerator, C.I.P.'s three 3-inch CD collection of disc by Bay noise nabobs SIXES and Xome and Texas playmate Goat.

Xome in action. Courtesy of Lars Knudson.

I just opened this small package of bristling static, fuzz, and feedback, and I gotta say it's just the thing to stuff in your favorite noise fan's stocking.

Take a gander at C.I.P.'s Blake Edwards' evocative description of the project: "First I feel harsh noise is best delivered as a short, explosive, focused punch: a 60 or 70 minute CD of noise more often than not just loses impact after a while. Second, a traditional 'compilation' usually gives you six minutes maximum by any artist, which really isn't enough time for them to really stand out from the dozen or so other artists on the compilation. Similarly I want there to be more 'down time' between the tracks -- time to pop the CD out (or shuffle to the next one) so there was more dead time between the track so that each stood on its own. Last, I didn't want to create any sense of 'hierarchy' or listening order by placing the tracks all on one CD." SIXES, he writes, "delivers three tracks of blistering motor oil splashed across your eyes; deep ugly wrought tones scrape flesh right off the balls of your feet and serve it up to you in blood sauce." Yummo.

The limited edition release of 1,000 is available at; just the follow-through after you track down that 10-LP boxset California, which SIXES and Xome also popped up on.

P.S. Xome also appears Dec. 8, 7:30 p.m., as part of the Brutal Sound Effects Festival, a music and film event, at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission, SF. Check or call (415) 978-2787 (ARTS).