NOISE: Saturday, it's a free-for-all of other worlds, Crumar, and Pens...


Free stuff on a Saturday -- we are so there, after blowing our wads of nonexistent cash on holiday gifties.

Don't stare - it's Phil Crumar. Courtesy of

First off: Phil Crumar, SF beat maker and Asphodel artist, will be ho-ho-ho-ing for the man, the Virgin man, that is -- when he performs Saturday, Dec. 2, 3 p.m., at the Megastore at Stockton and Market. Word has it Organer and the Court and Spark's Mike Taylor will be playing earlier at 2 p.m. Sounds like quality, quality local rock and hop -- on a chilly, sparkly weekend afternoon. Wanna meet next to the mint chocolate Citizen Cupcake cupcakes?

Later that evening -- if you're not going to see Jana Hunter in SF -- head over to the free opening of "Other World," curated by Bay Area artist Christine Shields, at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, 1295 Alabama at 25th Street, SF. It runs 7-10 p.m. The show offers "visions into the realm of spirits, shadows, forests, night creatures and those who have passed on. Worlds parallel to ours but less physical in nature sometimes seep into this world leaving curious images, sensations, or sounds. "Other World brings the work of 13 artists into one space creating a place in between this world and the Other." Or so the press release/email blast sayeth.

Artists in the show include Lara Allen, Adam J Ansell, Julianna Bright, Alice Cohen, Georganne Deen, Veronica De Jesus, Colter Jacobsen, Jason Mecier, Donal Mosher, Kyle Ranson, Amy Rathbone, Jovi Schnell, and Shields herself. There will be a performance by Mosher and music by SteepleChase.


While you're in the Mission on Dec. 2, stop into Needles and Pens, 3253 16th St., SF, for the reception for "The Dispossessed," which showcases new work by Monica Canilao. The opening runs 6-9 p.m., and Ghost Family provide the haunting sounds.

Boo! I mean, yeh! Free art!