NOISE: Imagine Mac World Weir-ed


Not-dead Dead member alert! Macworld plug alert!


The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, a nonprofit state-of-the-art mobile recording and multimedia studio, will pulling into the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco and stopping for a spell, from Monday, Jan. 8, through Thursday, Jan. 12. The mobile studio gives free workshops to students throughout the country, and Pulitzer Prize-winning shooter Vincent Laforet will take a group photograph of the first 250 attendees who come to the bus to commemorate its decade of edutainment.

Dead dad Bob Weir lead a student recording session Monday (reservations only) and will be at a book signing Tuesday, January 9th for Come Together: The Official John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Guide to Music and Video (Thomson). Free daily tours of the Bus and seminars featuring introductions to all of the latest gear are available daily at Macworld. It's happening at Moscone Center, 747 Howard, SF.