Out on the Bloc


OK, OK I know we're beyond the gawker-closet phase ("OMG he's gay???). I ain't no Valley Girl. But -- MEOW. One of my favorite singers ever just stepped gingerly over the shoe-tree threshhold. Kele Okereke from Bloc Party.


According to this article on Towleroad, which recounts some juicy details of an interview in the Guardian UK (how's that for twisted blogoreference?), Kele felt he had to start talkiing more about his sexuality because the content of some of the songs on the new Bloc Party album A Weekend in the City practically begged for it. (One song explicitly references the beating death of gay bartender David Morley, who was killed so people could record the death on their cell phones. Neat!)

"Okereke's cautious coming out is colored by [what he sees as] 'definite homophobic bias-slash-persecution" he sees from the music press regarding out gay people,'" according to Towleroad. And of course this is great publicity for the new album. But of course I would have bought it anyway. Now I have to go write some unabashed mash notes to the fan site ....

PS: On the new BP song "The Prayer" does Kele sing "I will dazzle them with my weave" in the chorus?

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