NOISE: Daze of Caroliner and Smiths tribs


Boy, a busy weekend is upon us - and how! First up Saturday is Caroliner's rare performance, after a reception for the ensemble's CCA's Playspace Gallery show, "Twenty-three Years of Hernia Milk and Ergot Dreams: A Retrospective of Caroliner." The reception runs 6-8 p.m. Jan. 13.; the music/noise begins at 8 p.m. at the Graduate Center on Hooper Street, SF. The exhibition continues through Jan. 19.

Local color Caroliner-style. Courtesy of

But if deeply weird noise and mind-blowing visuals aren't your bag o' tea, there's also Sweet and Tender Hooligans, a tribute to Morrissey and the Smiths, on Jan. 13 at Slim's, 333 11th St., SF. The Curse, a Cure trib combo, opens, maintaining a way '80s vibe. Word has it that the longtime LA Smiths lovers of SATH apparently slay Moz-insane weepers and screamers everywhere. No shirts - ever!