NOISE: My how Time Flys...


Is raucous, reeling rock with a sense of punk history your poison? Cradle your Nuggets comps close to your cold, cold heart? High on those bad boys in the Cuts? Then the Time Flys's latest, Rebels of Babylon (Birdman), is for you, you, you. The Oakland combo's second album is a quantum leap into a gritty, grimy future of hand-claps, cocky vocalizing, and filthy-sounding guitar riffs.


This is where late '70s NYC punk meets early '70s Detroit rock, drawing blood in some extremely unsterile back alley and vowing to be friends forever more. Yeah, you can toss around references to DMZ, Lyres, Real Kids, the Voidoids, the Dead Boys, and all those other pluralized pussies -- if you wanna annoy me! Better, you can practically taste the snot pouring off these archetypal rock 'n' rollers. Nice.

The Time Flys - spelling be damned! - toast their new record with a party, natch. Apache and the Pets open on Friday, Feb. 2, 10 p.m., at the Knockout, 3223 Mission, SF. They're going down on history, as they'd put it, so get in on some of this action.