NOISE: Rrrrr.... RTX! In Oakland! In a warehouse! In the flesh!


Whoa, news flash! If you love Royal Trux, you'll wanna get your ever-lovin' bad self down to the WC Warehouse/Ghost Town Gallery tonight, Feb. 2, to see Truxer Jennifer Herrema tear it up as RTX.


Herrema was in awesomely raspy form when she played Bottom of the Hill a few years ago (we won't even go into the nutty Cocodrie Royal Trux show further back). And though she only lives a hop, skip, and several hundred miles away in LA, this doesn't happen often, know what you gotta do. And because it's a house party you'll have to figure out where WC Warehouse/Ghost Town Gallery is on your own. Doors open at 10 p.m., and Raspy Mugs and Hot Tubs open.

Expect Herrema to appear in other parts after the March release of her band's next album, Western Xterminator (Drag City). Get an eyeful of RTX though after the Oakland art crawl. If you can see through them bangs...