NOISE: Flying Canyon's Cayce Lindner, RIP


Guardian contributor Max Goldberg pointed to this sad news announcement on Pitchfork on the death of Cayce Lindner of Oakland band Flying Canyon:


"Cayce Lindner, frontman for self-described "California doom folk" band Flying Canyon, took his own life yesterday, Feb. 6. No further details are available regarding his death, nor do we know how old he was.

"Lindner, who lived in the Bay Area, was in the bands the Golden Hotel and the Goodwill Tapes before forming Flying Canyon with the Jewelled Antler collective's Glenn Donaldson and Shayde Sartin. He was also a filmmaker.

"Sidney Alexis Lindner, Cayce's brother, fronts the Portsmouth, New Hampshire band the Hotel Alexis. He was also in Golden Hotel with Cayce.

"Last fall, Soft Abuse released Flying Canyon's enchanting self-titled debut album. Our own Brandon Stosuy wrote, 'Lindner and friends carve out an erudite haze that foregoes caricature and wardrobe changes in favor of melody, inventive instrumentation, strong songwriting, and an honest, riveting charisma.'

Soft Abuse's Chris Berry said, 'We are deeply saddened and we're thinking of his friends and family.'"

Goldberg himself e-mailed: "I'd only actually seen the band play once (opening for Peter Walker at the 21 Grand), but just found out they were set to play at this show my housemate Dave is setting up in a couple of weeks in the Marin Headlands...."

Previously our man Max had praised the band, which consisted of various Skygreen Leopards: "The frontman's gruff, hard-drivin' hippie style is a welcome antidote to some of the more whimsical manifestations of psych folk."

For more on Flying Canyon, go to their myspace page.