NOISE: Grammy jammy, the final 5: Wolfmother, T.I., Lewis Black, Carrie Underwood, Chamillionaire


Oh I could have danced all night; I could go on forever about the Grammys. But I won't. I'll spare you. But here are a few last tidbits - just for laughs. Then we can roll over and forget about it all till next year.


- Wolfmother is currently demoing songs for possibly the next Spiderman installment, and frontperson Andrew Stockdale held forth on the hard psychedelic sound they’re bringing to modern rock radio: “I agree with Pete Townshend who said more rock bands should be more pretentious and more experimental with their sound.”

Are they planning on going psychedelic, asked one blinkered reporter. “We’ve already been there with our first, man,” Stockdale replied blissfully.

--Backstage, T.I. hawked his forthcoming fall 2007 movie with Russell Crow and RZA, American Gangster: "It's going to be in the Oscars, I assure you." Meanwhile he's working on a concept album featuring T.I. and an alterego TIP, due this year: "I don’t think anything has ever been done like it this far. Closest thing I can compare it to is the Marshall Mathers-Slim Shady ongoing feud that has been going on. I'm challenging myself in every way, writing and producing and arranging. It's also going to be a movie as well."

So who did he come with? "T.I. and TIP - they always roll with family," he answered impishly. "Probably with the same person that came with other award shows. So if you do your own research, you'll find your answer!"


- Lewis Black gets the nod for the most intentionally funny interview and acceptance speech for Best Comedy Album. Onstage he said: "All the guys who are nominated are tremendously gifted talents. You don’t honor comics often. You do shit - you play music. All I do is yak - I bullshit. I wanted to be a musician, I wanted to play the piano, and my piano teacher had arthritis and that really sets you back.”

Later backstage Black said of his fellow nominee, “George Carlin called me 15 years ago on the phone and said, ‘Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for your career,’ then I was able to take that and play it for my mother and shut her the fuck up.” His piano teacher “really did have arthritis and the room we played piano in smelled like death and it kind of took the joy out of it.” Bless him.

- After winning his Grammy, Chamillionaire sauntered backstage to offer a lowdown on his activities later that night (why did almost all the rappers dress almost alike - just as most of the women wore black; almost all the MCs were wearing suits with untucked white shirts): "Nothing too special [planned] - I rolled up on a Phantom, but only today. It goes back tomorrow.

"Now they," he pointed to his publicists in the audience, "want to go hit the clubs. And so I gotta go do the rapper," he made the quote marks with his fingers, "stuff. I'm going to do it for an hour, Tracy and Nancy, and then I'm going to go to sleep." The studio calls.


- Carrie Underwood came backstage wearing what looked like a black dress crossed with a shawl. The radio dudes behind me wolf whistled. Someone praised her performance at Clive Davis's party the previous night. "I think the scarier part is when I come with album two," she said. "I think it's going to be really nerve wracking."

Was there any doubt whether she'd be there if not for American Idol? Well, doit. "Absolutely no doubt that American Idol is why I'm here. My advice for anyone - try every avenue. It worked for me. I was in college when I decided to try out."

The really crucial question - was she seeing anyone? "Dateless and desperate," she quipped. Good thing she got saddled with "Desperado" during the Eagles tribute.