NOISE: Keep it together, K.I.T., then break it down


Insane show alert - K.I.T. breaks out a new record on UK label Upset the Rhythm, Broken Voyage, alongside labelmates Death Sentence: Panda!, who are celebrating Festival of Ghosts. Be there or regret it bitterly, punker; the two bands perform tonight, Feb. 16, 8 p.m., with Holy Mountain free skronk combo Zdrastvootie and Kreamy 'Lectricsaanta at Artists Television Access, 992 Valencia, SF. It's all ages so whoop it up, kids.


Who are our pals K.I.T.? Guardian contribs Vice Cooler and George Chen get with Lil' Pocketknife's Kristy Geschwandtner and XBXRX's Steve Touchton. Enjoy!