NOISE: Gallo's fine whine on Dirt!


Wow, imagine the thrill last night when at the end of my new favorite trash-TV guilty pleasure, the Coxuette tabloid FX dramedy Dirt, the teaser for the next episode unveiled the identity of the shadowy figure that was stalking Courtney Cox's Goth-wax figure tab editor: Vincent Gallo! Mission Creek Music Fest folkster, filmmaker, bon vivant.

Vincent Gallo.jpg

In "This Is Not Your Father's Hostage Situation," Gallo's ex-child-star character rushes the DirtNow building, trapping the sleazy publisher and equally slimy cub reporter in their supply closet makeout room and inspiring Cox to promise Gallo, "I'll make you a star!" In exchange for letting them go, of course.

From the looks of the preview for the show - first airing Tuesday, Feb. 27 - Gallo's crazy-eyed reply appears to be: "I'm already a star!"

P.S. And guess who's slated to reappear at this year's Mission Creek music fest?