NOISE: Biggest little city, Taiwanese pop, Who are you...


Who knew Reno was the bowling capital of the US of A? This after catching the new feature film Reno 911: Miami (below), which proved to be something of a laugh riot earlier this week.


Right now I'm hanging in Reno, catching the Who at the Reno Event Center (more long-tressed gray-hairs in one spot, perusing Who souvenir booklets, than I've seen since, well, ever, 'cause I've never seen the Who live before) and Taiwanese pop star Tsai Chin tonight, Feb. 24, at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (more Chinese families in one spot than I've seen since, well, the last SF Lunar New Year parade), and checking the resort's 24-hour 40-something bowling alley. But lo, today I happened to stumble over the city's National Bowling Stadium.

bowling stadium.bmp

A giant silver ball dome, a hundred lanes, a crazy Remington-style bronze statue featuring, not wild horses or cowboys, but Pippi Longstocking-esque bowlers zanily swinging bowling bags. Guys with guts swinging balls. Visions of The Big Lebowski rumble through the skull.