Girls Rule


IMG_0375.JPGOooh, how I love me some rockin' women. And last night seemed to be chock full of 'em. (The men weren't half bad either...)IMG_0364.JPG

First was Noise Pop Happy Hour at the Parkside (are we seeing a theme here?) featuring the mesmerizing Loquat. Listening to the adorable Kylee Swenson (pictured top right) layer gorgeous, haunting vocals over the band's catchy guitar-pop-meets-danceable-electronica (thanks to bandmates Earl Otsuka, Anthony Gordon, Christopher Lautz, and the newest band member, a laptop) was the perfect way to start off an evening of rock.

Next up was Slim's, for a stellar line-up featuring French Kicks (moderately far away photo here)and Scissors for Lefty(very far away photo here), both of whom were fantastic. But opening band The Oohlas really stole the show. The music was true, heart-pounding rock'n'roll — and so was frontwoman Olivia Stone (in the other two photos), whose smile was as engaging as her on-stage antics.

Watch video here.

(And by the way, this isn't some "I Am Wemoon Therefore I Heart Womyn In Rock" thing. Merely having a vagina is not enough to make me like your band. These chicks have vaginas — presumably...I didn't actually see 'em — and they fucking rock. Uh, the chicks. Not the vaginas....Never mind.) (Molly Freedenberg)