NOISE: Noise pop-a-go-go-going! Roky, Macro, Pop, pop, pop...


Wow, can't stop the Noise Pop show-going. Though when one finds the time to report on it or discuss the hairdo's seen or the amount of cheap beer quaffed - who knows?


First off, Roky Erickson totally freakin' kicked ass last night, March 1. Solid band, great sound, punchy drumming, great gods of distortion smiling down. You know, the works. Though the set was relatively short at about 40 or so minutes and Erickson and the Explosives sprinkled the proceedings with several blues jams, all the faves were in order - 13th Floor Elevators' "You're Gonna Miss Me" and his own "Two Headed Dog," "Don't Shake Me Lucifer," and "I Walked with a Zombie." All mind-alteringly loud with plenty of intriguing facial expressions (puzzled, thinking, munching, etc.) on Erickson's face. Black motorcycle jacketed rocker crowd was out in force, along with passionate oldsters - haven't seen that mix since Radio Birdman's first SF stand.

And Wooden Shjips sounded absolutely awesome at 8:30 p.m. opening for Erickson (incidentally Howlin' Rain rocked the keys and Oranger sounded more raucous than ever). Hard to believe it's your second show, I told guitarist Ripley Johnson. It's actually his third - the second was in Cotati, he replied. Same diff, no?


Meanwhile Macromantics, otherwise known as Romy Hoffman, killed at Bottom of the Hill Wednesday, Feb. 28. She mimed sticking a knife in her chest, strafed the air with her arms, and flipped her long hair all over the place - and ruled the mic with tongue-twisters that would have driven me mad. (And lord knows I've tried, tackling "Crazy in Love"'s raps at karaoke.) Later Pop Levi brought the blues-rock overdrive - loud and proud, get used to it.

Later I waddled over to Great American Music Hall to check Sebadoh. Yep, they're still there. My pals were divided as to whether they prefered Eric Sebadoh tunes or Lou Sebadoh numbers. Regardless, ya got it all.