NOISE: Yum, indie branding means...


Guardian staffer Joe Pennant was out and about for Noise Pop and ran smack into some free mochi ice cream at Bottom of the Hill - courtesy of the Ice Cream Man.


Who are these kind, mysterious strangers giving away sweets at all manner of shows? Marketing, promotions, branding, and advertising, naturally! The site says: "Ice Cream Man is a grassroots organization that combines the minds, hearts, skills, and resources of a growing team of adventurous individuals who refuse to adhere to the old business paradigm. We were those crazy and confused kids raised in the '80s and '90s with conflicting messages ("Just Say No" vs. "Just Do It"). We believe that right now is the best time in history. With the Internet we are not bound by the constraints of the modern media machine. We can break through all of the hypocrisy and create REAL connections with like-minded people.... The more money we can bring in the more ice cream we'll be able to give away. To date the Ice Cream Crew has given away over 35,000 treats."

Folks last saw 'em at Arthurfest. I saw him at Great American Music Hall during the Sebadoh show - and got a lovely organic Creamsicle-like bar for my trouble. Apparently they're looking for a few good Ice Cream Men and Women too. Just, y'know, an FYI, duders.