NOISE: If it was Thursday, it must have been SXSW...


Contributor Kate Izquierdo logs on from SXSW:

I'm running way behind shchedule today - nursing the first jack 'n' coke of the day, and watching Dirty on Purpose from Brooklyn. It's a wide-open, delay-drenched moodrock, a mercifully good start to Thursday afternoon.

A little C&B, anyone?

We got in last night amidst horror stories of flashflood warnings and t-storms. Of our intended hitlist, we nabbed moments with the Pipettes, Matt and Kim, Illinois, Hank IV, and Cyann and Ben.

You need Cyann and Ben: you need them now. A French quartet on their inagaural tour of the states, they brought grey crashing waves of early Merc Rev, brittle piano and spare, lush vocals. A perfect crackling lullaby for that ride into hangover land. Over 'n' out fer now.