Makes Nice makes it nice for everyone...all night loooong!


makes nice poster.jpg

They're kinda like the lil' saints of fuzz guitar, in that sense. Sunday, July 15, SF threesome the Makes Nice makes it a free-for-all spasm of "Glorious Freakbeat Pyrotechnic Madness."

The combo's peeps describe the event as "just one band, all night, plus the killer selecting of DJ Mystic Stylez from Memphis, who will spin garage, psych and raw rock & roll before, between, and after the Makes Nice's three sets. Did we mention it's free? Between free admission, cheap beer, and no enemy bands, you can't lose!!

The Makes Nice are the Rodney Dangerfields of Freakbeat. Their explosive post-mod power trio pop psych R&B harmonized violence is very, very pretty (see Les Fleur de Lys, Small Faces, Pretty Things, Equals, Everley Brothers, Tomorrow, Idle Race, Beach Boys, Nuggets 2). They have gorgeous harmony vocals and Keith-Moon-on-11 drums and fuzz bass and fuzz guitar."

The group's current CD, Candy Wrapper & 12 Other Songs, is now out on SF's Frenetic Records. The label unleashes the band's This Time Tomorrow this September.

But this time, let 'em knock you out at the Knockout, 3223 Mission, SF, July 15, 9 p.m. And it's free, free, freeeeeeeeee.... !