By Molly Freedenberg

Blame it on my newish obsession with Chromeo, but this punk and rock diehard is suddenly getting all excited about electropop. I suppose it was really only a matter of time, considering I grew up doing kick-ball-changes to Marky Mark (and his Funky Bunch), and have been indoctrinated into the world of house and breaks by six years of Burning Man - and what is electropop if not the marriage of those two danceable genres? Either way, after weeks of devotion to Black Tuesdays (Cutiepie DJ Lance spinning Minor Threat and Joy Divison at Delirium), suddenly the following events are what have my motor running (or my turntable spinning?) this week:

Ratatat and Devlin&Darko
Leave it to the culturally savvy folks at Flavorpill to get some badass acts for their anniversary party. Tonight's shindig at Mighty features Brooklyn duo Ratatat, who have been opening for Daft Punk in Europe, and Devlin&Darko, who have somehow managed to make Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover a dance anthem.

Speaking of unlikely bootie-shaking beats, it isn't just Chromeo that's got me excited about Monday's free show at Mezzanine. Flosstradamus also is on the bill, and these Chicago kids have mixed Sigur Ros - that ethereal, gorgeous, Icelandic music that makes you feel like you're on E even when you're not - into a head-bopping, foot-stomping, fist-pumping club tune.

Daft Punk
And then, to finish my week off, I'm headed to Berkeley next Friday to let Daft Punk take me back to my European disco-hopping days.

Nico Vega
But just in case all that electronic music starts to drive me a little insane (or make me start wearing pacifiers as jewelry), I'm mixing it up in the middle with Nico Vega, the L.A.-based opener for Midnight Movies playing Mezzanine this Saturday. I figure the combo of magnetic female lead, rockin' guitar and drums, and not a turntable in sight should help me hold onto my rock'n'roll cred.