BoBs over Bay-ghdad: Best of the Boy... I mean, bands


By Robert Bergin


Ghost Boobs, kids love 'em! Gravy Train!!!! strikes a munchy pose. Courtesy of

Perhaps you’ve noticed a lot more bated breath among your neighbors. More expectant glances at calendars and watches, perhaps. Well, there's a logical explanation for all that anticipation. The Guardian's "Best of the Bay" issue drops next week.

But you can’t wait! You’ve gotta have those value judgments! In your hands! In your computer’s hands! In your brain! Now!

Enter the RIPs (Rejected Intern Pitches). I’d say something like, “Consider this an appetizer to next Wednesday’s main course,” but I think you and I both know this is just a silly blog post filled with random stuff. So on with the awards!

Best Band of All Fucking Time:
Fall Out Boy, no duh. Or should I say…Fall Out BAY. Oooohhhh.

Best Shamelessly Hip Music Video that You Are Watching While Living in the Bay:

Best Initiation into Gravy Train!!!! culture:

I think I’m a little too much of a corn-fed heteronormative frat boy to truly appreciate this band. Not that I actively dislike them or anything: hypersex just isn’t really my thing. Still, even though I went to their Bottom of the Hill show a couple weeks ago mostly to check out the opener, Experimental Dental School, I thought it’d be interesting to bring along a companion that didn’t know anything about the headliner.

So I sent an e-mail to my fraternity’s listserve saying I had an extra ticket, and I get a response from a friend we’ll call Biff. Biff, in addition to having a heart of gold, fulfills a few of the requisite external qualities of your prototypical frat boy: sandals, muscles, a strong affinity for Sublime, et cetera. I told him it’d be fun and internally prepared myself for a night of awkward vibes and incredulously raised eyebrows.

Of course, we weren’t even there five minutes before I came back from the bathroom to find Biff slovenly making out with some girl in a velvet dress in the middle of an already sexed-up crowd. (I’m not sure what was better or worse, the instance itself or his shrugging explanation, “She didn’t even give me her name. She just said ‘I’m from LA.’”). Sleazy? Yeah, but what’s the point in turning your nose up at smutty thrillseekers? Fiery loins…just another thing Gravy Train!!!! and my fraternity have in common.

(Ed.: And if you're curious about that sexy GT, check out the cute animated video for "Burger Baby."