The poetry of Lindsay Lohan


What the hell is happening to young Hollywood? Nicole’s maybe heading to jail (with a Good Charlotte bun in the oven); Paris was in the clink and out of the clink and back in the clink again; Britney’s on the threshold of a full-scale meltdown (and you thought the head-shaving thing was the worst it could get); and now LiLo – the only member of this skanky club that actually has discernable talent – is back in trouble with the law, recent rehab stint be damned.


What can we learn from Lohan’s troubles? In her hour of need, let’s turn to some of her finer song lyrics. Newly poignant meanings abound. Cries for help lurk between every rhyme. Who cares if she didn’t actually write ‘em all – she sang ‘em, man. Conjecture away!

From “Rumors:”

Why can't you just let me do the things I wanna do
I just wanna be me
I don't understand
Why would you wanna bring me down
I'm only having fun
I'm gonna live my life (but not the way you want me to)

From “Drama Queen (That Girl):"

Life is a work of art- you gotta paint it colorful
Can make it anything you want
Don't have to stick to any rules
You don't need a high IQ to succeed in what you do
You just gotta have no doubt just believe in yourself

From “Over:"

I watched the walls around me crumble
But its not like I won't build them up again

From “Anything but Me:"

Nobody told me that I'd be happy faces
Just trying to erase the traces
What came before me
A girl that I used to see somewhere buried deep
She's falling asleep and I trying to wake her set her free

Now is a never ending thing
One moment turns into another
Before I've had time to to run from all the other ones
And its so hard to live a dream
When the everything that they want you to be
Is anything but me

From “Very Last Moment in Time:”

Live like it's the last moon rising
Scream just like no one's there

From "Disconnected:"

Sleeping awake and awake when I'm sleeping
I've got a dry kinda thirst when drenched
On sunny days all I can see is the shadow
And I'm not above being under
And I'm at the brink though I know that I'm empty
And I always hide when its my turn to seek
My only believe is not to have faith in believing
Before I begin I'm over

From “My Innocence:”

Loneliness has filled my soul
And it creeps inside
It takes control
And I don't know how to begin giving up on everything

From "Fastlane:"

It's lonely sometimes in the fast lane
People come and go like rain
And I look around for a hand to hold
But there's no one here today
Everyone has gone away
And left me in the fray

So don't wish upon a star
Cuz a star can only get you so far
And it doesn't matter who you are
Cuz the sky looks better from the ground anyways
You never know what you've got
And even if you do it doesn't mean it's gonna stay
Tomorrow is another day
You only live once and I'm living for today

I'm living for today

So I drive around the superficial town
With a smile on my face
No one really knows how I feel inside
And I'm keeping it that way
It's my story to replay
And the fast lane's where I wanna stay

The way she were...

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