Get yer bootie to Bootie


By Molly Freedenberg

Mash-ups are a special kind of math: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While I like dancing to Britney Spears (her early years) as much as the next thirteen-year-old-masked-as-an-adult, and while Bon Jovi fills me with a juvenile joy few other bands can evoke from me, hearing the two mixed together is something else entirely: I wouldn’t say transcendent, because I have no illusions that pop music (and dance music, for the most part) is best when taken at face value. But when two songs are combined, I find a supreme satisfaction – and, at the very least, entertainment – in the audial surprises that are born of the alchemy. And if each individual track is one I want to hear anyway? All the better.
Photo by Leo Herrera
DJs Adrian & the Mysterious D

I’m not sure if everyone who likes mash-ups likes them for this same reason, but there’s no denying that a fuckload of people do like them. Just look at Bootie SF, the mash-up party at DNA that grew from 75 people on a Wednesday to nearly 1,000 every other Saturday in a few short years – not to mention the fact that there are now Bootie branches in L.A., Paris, and New York.

So Saturday’s 4-Year Anniversary Party is sure to be packed. But even though I’ve outgrown the days when I actually enjoyed being mashed up (pun intended) against other people on a crowded, sweaty dance floor (though I haven’t, strangely enough, outgrown “Hit Me Baby One More Time”), I’m still planning to brave the bash. And not only in the hopes of hearing a Beyonce/Black Flag combo.

It’s also ‘cuz the line-up looks amazing. Bootie founders DJs Adrian and the Mysterious D will spin their first showcase set, called The A+D Show, a multimedia mashup show featuring videos, movie shorts, go-go dancers, live singing, drag performers, an audience sing-along, and a live mashup Guitar Hero showdown. Then, at 11pm, live mashup band Smash-Up Derby will trace the chronology of mashup’s history. And then, of course, there will be two rooms of DJs like Earworm and Party Ben.

How could I miss it? How could you miss it? It’s pretty much impossible.

The details:
BOOTIE 4-Year Anniversary Party
featuring "The A+D Show"
375 11th Street at Harrison
9 PM – 3 AM / 21+ admitted
$10 before 10:30 pm, $15 after