More treasures from the Island


By Molly Freedenberg

Still a little fuzzy on what the Treasure Island Music Festival was like? Think blue skies, a slight breeze, and the scenes yours truly captured below.

Not even the brief power blackout could ruin Zion I's upbeat, playful mood. When the sound and video stopped working, the freestylin' MCs just worked harder to keep the crowd going.

Booths selling T-shirts and hemp jewelry? That's sooo Lollapalooza 1998. The vending villages at this festival featured haircuts by Madu Salon, chair massages, and funky tribal jewelry.

Is there any question this woman's a badass? I didn't think so. And she's better live than recorded, even in a big, outdoor venue. Just ask all the audience members who she invited on stage for her finale...

The festival had a smattering of the usual wandering performance artists we've all come to expect at such events -- hello crazy circus-style stilt walkers, hello scantily-clad hula-hoopers -- as well as some refreshingly new ones, like a band of giant puppets (including the weird monster thing pictured above that I like to think of as a mutant pickle).

The festival was bordered on one side by San Francisco's skyline, and on the other by this view -- doesn't it look just like a classic boardwalk, if said boardwalk were sponsored by Heineken?

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