Gayest. Videos. Ever. (Pt. 3)


Are you bored with the series yet? Well don’t be, because we plan to drive this sucker right into the shiny, dripping dance floor. (Click here for part 1 and here for part 2)

For those just catching up, we’re asking the City’s most prominent fairies for their favorite “gay” videos, which is a bit of a takeoff on the “Gayest. Music. Ever.” cover story we ran a few weeks ago. This week, we’ve asked writer, DJ, and all around bon vivant Matt Sussman, aka Missy Hot Pants, for some of his faves. Let’s get gay on the giga!


“Oooh, blog-opportunity!” quoth Sussman, when we told him we’d pay him ten dollars to sit still long enough to contribute. “What can I get for ten dolla? Not "anything you want," just these gay-ass clips.

Samwell, "What What In the Butt"

The Village People, "Sex Over the Phone"
Ed Note: Warning! For some reason, I shit you not, Prince and the NPG are removing all clips of this at a furious pace. Therefore, after the jump, we present a really gay French parody video, in case this one gets “Princed” …

After the jump: Mae West raps! Eartha Kitt prowls! “Hairdresser”!

”Sex Over the Phone” – Wee Frenchies version

Mae West 'raps' in Myra Breckinridge

Lucile Cataldo, "Hairdresser"
Matt: You might as well as include every Stairway to Stardom clip ever.
Ed Note: Is that Hilary?

Eartha Kitt, "Where Is My Man?"
Matt: Beware the cat people!

David Bowie w/ Bowie in drag back up singers! "Boys Keep Swinging"
Matt: This is the impossible standard all Bowie tribute nights at Trannyshack must live up to: Bowie himself in drag.

BONUS! Miwa Akihiro!
---- We couldn’t get a vid of Matt’s requested song, Miwa Akihiro sings the title theme to "Onna de aru koto" (1958) – click here view on YouTube – BUT we give you one of her/his beloved commercials, for something called “Mother’s Auction.” ---
Matt: S(he) is perhaps Japan's most famous drag queen, avant-garde theater persona, friend of Yukio Mishima and champion of beauty.

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