Teens girls lusting after Tom Waits



Buddyhead interviewed Tom Waits recently, and while overall, the interview is a piece of shit, we just loved Tom's response to the following:

So what do you think of Scarlet Johanson doing an entire album consisting of covers of your songs?
Well some songs are meant to be recorded by other people. Those are the seeds in the tomato, you know? You expect that someone will hear it and might wanna interpret it themselves. So we’ll see.

Yea, hey, you might have a whole new audience of 14-year olds!
Oh yea, the teeny boppers, it’ll be like The Beatles concerts, girls crying, holding pictures of me and coming apart emotionally behind police barricades.

"Coming apart emotionally behind police barricades." The smallest turns of phrase separate the songwriters from the douchebags.

Image credit: Myfilmo.com from "Down by Law."

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