Sonic Reducer Overage: Bat for Lashes, Datarock, Limp Wrist, Constantines, and more


Bat For Lashes - "Pearl's Dream"

By Kimberly Chun

Color my world grey – you still yearn to romp and play, San Fran-frisky. So get outta the dog park and into the clubs and buy me a drink, hot pocket. Here are a few notable shimmy-shams where you might find me skulking.

Constantines and Crystal Antlers
The Toronto indie rockers venture out to “Islands in the Stream” and stretch their bones in a post-rock, minimalist mode. Meanwhile the LA psych-soul bros carouse in honor of their new Tentacles (Touch and Go). Thurs/11, 7:30 p.m., $14. Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell, SF. (415) 861-2011.

One-man low-end grumble from the bowels of SF, presented as part of the gallery’s New Music Series. With Commode Minstrels in Bullface, Midmight, and Amphibious Gestures. Thurs/11, 8 p.m., $6. Luggage Store, 1007 Market, SF.

Limp Wrist, Hunx and His Punx, and Brilliant Colors
Hardcore awesomeness from LW, presently partially based in the Bay. Then garage-ay fabulosity with As-If-SF’s Hunx and his Punx and Brilliant Colors. Thurs/11, call for time and price. Eagle Tavern, 398 12th St., SF. (415) 626-0880.

Little Wings
Still making fine, fine art after all these years, Kyle Field has been Big Sur (and Small Sur) dreaming, letting his imagination take wing and slinging broccoli and grapes on toy giraffes. With Michael Musika, Honey.Moon.Tree, and Sleepy Todd. Thurs/11, 8 p.m., $12. Cafe du Nord, 2170 Market, S.F. (415) 861-5016.

Love Is All
You better believe it. The Swedes really made off with our hearts at their last headlining smash-and-grab at Bottom of the Hill. With Still Flyin and Farewell Typewriter. Thurs/11, 9 p.m., $12-$14. Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th St., SF. (415) 621-4455.

Cornered: Adam Franklin.

The Church and Adam Franklin and Bolts of Melody
Preach to the choir? Why in Beezlebub’s name not? The ex-Swervedriver swooshes through with his live unit Bolts of Melody. With Fri/12, 9 p.m., $26. Slim’s, 333 11th St., S.F. (415) 522-0333.

We got the memo, I mean, data. Read: **Red** (YAP/Nettwerk) by the Norwegian electro battalion. With Woodhands and Casxio. Fri/12, 9 p.m., $15. Independent, 628 Divisadero, SF. (415) 771-1422.

Telepathe and Hawnay Troof
Can you read my mind, supermen and -women? They’re plucking out compelling beats and hoofing for the troof. With Nite Jewel. Fri/12, 10 p.m., $10. Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th St., SF. (415) 621-4455.

Bat for Lashes
Cute as a button and as talented as the fresh-headed outsider artists she evokes, Natasha Khan returns after casting a spell at du Nord her first time through, toting the sleek Two Suns (Astralwerks), which skews dancier and was partially recorded in Big Sur. With Hecuba. Sat/13, 9 p.m., $15-$17. Great American Music Hall, 859 O’Farrell, SF. (415) 885-0750.

The SF collective dabs on the lover’s rock with a cooling splash of Latin jazz. With Space Heater and Big Brooklyn Red. Sat/13, 9:30 p.m., $10-$12. Cafe du Nord, 2170 Market, S.F. (415) 861-5016.

Casy and Brian
The torrid two lust for that buzz-saw electronic rumble in the jungle. With Press Fire, No Babies, Boys IV Men, and Awesomes. Sun/14, 8 p.m., $7. Thee Parkside, 1600 17th St., SF. (415) 503-0393.

Dominique Leone and Odawas
Lovers or fighters? I say they’re all lighters. All righty? With Wiener Kids. Sun/14, 9 p.m., $6. Hemlock Tavern, 1131 Polk, S.F. (415) 923-0923.