Faust keep it 'Complique'


faust complique sml.jpg

C’est Com… Com… Complique
(Bureau B)

By Kimberly Chun

Too eclectic for its own good? Not Faust. The combo fully deserves that wretchedly overused “legendary” label: its relatively new full-length, C’est Com… Com… Complique -- is all that and then some, meaning complicated in the most meatily excellent, endearingly awkward way. The band has been around almost four decades, but original members Jean-Herve Peron and Werner Diermaier -- working with Amaury Cambuzat of French post-rockers Ulan Bator -- still put together sounds with a child’s mind, as if they were starting all over from scratch. Never mind that Faust sold 100,000 copies of their third album, The Faust Tapes (Virgin), way back in the day.

This latest Dadaist document starts with the heavy breathing and shattered guitar of “Kundalini Tremolos” and then stops, starts, pauses for a pastoral reverie or two (with and without throat singing), and then squeaks and squeals with bugle peals to an inspired, absurdist close. The strategy, or lack thereof, runs counter to the more popular/familiar beatific motorik musings of, say, Neu!, and even diehard Faust heads are likely to shrug at the group’s attempt at throwaway, goofball dub, mixed up with “derrieres” cries (“En Veux-Tu Des Effets, En Voila”). But otherwise, Complique bears repeated listens -- ‘cause it’s devilish fun.