Wa! Amazing Baby speaks of aural love, locked-out boyfriends, perfect pitch


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By Kimberly Chun

An amazing amount of hype and chatter accompanied Brooklyn band (and Wesleyan Mafia contingent) Amazing Baby’s first MySpace musical postings. Time to judge for yourself. I traded e-mails with Will Roan before the group's Bottom of the Hill show on Sept. 19.

SFBG: How did your new album, Rewild [(Shangrila)], come to pass?

Amazing Baby: I think that we approached the recording with equal parts professional and amateur goals. We are always learning more about ourselves, and to be honest, it's hard to really know what our intentions were at the time. I think we wanted to express aural love, beauty, heartbreak, and humor. There are people that we love, there are people that have died, and all of the emotions that fall in between. I think next time we may focus more on rhythms and melody. But for Rewild, it was mostly emotive.

SFBG: There's a very glammy/glitter rock feel to the record? Is David Bowie an influence?

AB: Well, I've always been very drawn to Bowie and his effortless power over a song. However, I also feel that his other styles, more than glam, have probably had a larger effect on our songwriting and recording. You can't deny your first loves. And I think, as a music fan, I continuously find myself going back to his music. It's really strong stuff, isn't it?

SFBG: Sixties pop is another quality associated with the band -- would you say that’s accurate? How do you feel about that -- and what are you fave '60s artists and albums?

AB: I think people want to identify us with hippy/psyche. The problem is that it's 2009. Those days are long gone and never coming back again. 

SFBG: Amazing Baby got a lot of attention via MySpace -- and there was talk of a backlash happening in the UK. What was your side of this story -- what was that like and how did you deal?

AB: Not sure how to deal with anything, really. You kind of just have to approach every day with optimism, or don't even try to get out of bed. Yeah, we got a lot of early praise, and I'm thankful for it. But that can also work against you. I think the ups and downs of the past year have been very beneficial to my being. I look forward to the future, as music develops around me like a warm wool blanket.

SFBG: How did you come up with the name? Do any of you have babies -- or simply a remarkable respect for infants?

AB: No babies yet. Haven't found the right babe. As for the name, I thought it was abstract enough to disassociate it with any particular thing. But, I feel as though I may have been wrong.

SFBG: How would you describe AB's show? Anything special planned?

AB: Fun, loving, powerful, fun, and funny. Lock your boyfriends at home.

SFBG: What's in the future?

AB: Wonderful, new, ecstatic music; zero pretension; and perfect pitch. Finally.

With the Entrance Band and Total Hound
Sat/19, 10 p.m., $12
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., SF
(415) 621-4455