Party Radar: Bootie moves to Mezzanine this month


Hear ye, hear ye: Biweekly monster mashup party Bootie’s usual home, DNA Lounge, is closed for the month of January as part of a settlement with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which sited it for supposed “lewd behavior.” Ugh.

But the mashup must go on, temporarily at Mezzanine this month, with DJs A+D and Jay-R, plus a special Future Universal room this Saturday, with Sarah Delush, Mario Muse, Kidhack, and Interrobang, who wins DJ name of the year already.

In other delicious mashup news -- is Christina Aguilera-meets-Julian Casablancas masterwork "A Stroke of Genius" really the song of the decade? You betcha, Freelance Hellraiser.

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