Nite Trax: Tiger & Woods


Marke B. goes on about recent dance tracks he loves. See the previous Nite Trax here.

Edit nation is still in full effect, with some amazing laptop Special Extended Disco Versions being put out by the likes of Wolf + Lamb, Tensnake, Soul Clap, and our very own Golden Goose -- taking those old, warped, uncanny soul classics into new territory with contempo-technological effects for the post-minimal nightlife set. Turn on the red light.


This one by Tiger & Woods, oddly titled "Gin Nation" (a swipe at England somehow, where the stunning 1982 original of this song was extremely popular?), is on everyone's radar lately. T&G claim they are "shrouded in mystery!" -- oh so trendy right now as the underground balks against Internet instant access to retain some allure, and get back that white label feeling (sans vinyl of course.) The echoey build and chopped verses add smoothly up to a fantastic climax. If anything's coming out of these "closer edits," it's an exciting reconstruction of traditional song (and traditional techno) structures ....

Here's the original, "Music and Lights" from one of my childhood faves, Imagination (big ups Leee John). See the Top of the Pops appearance with equally stunniing outfits here.

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