Snap Sounds: Myles Cooper (and High Fantasy)



"Gonna Find Boyfriends Today"



Yeah, 2010 needs some anthems, so thank Mr. Cooper for bringing one, dedicated to all those who want to "find guys to buy us drinks / And tell us that we're young and funny." The whimsical reggaeton touch, the yearning keyboard lines, Cooper's friendly and understated vocal, and most of all the backing choir send this one over. It's a shame the Passionistas aren't releasing music, but if this and California Sunshine are what we get instead, it's all good (and it's ready to inspire fab YouTube vids). Gimme gimme more.


If you want to go out on a Tuesday night, you can't do much better than High Fantasy, the new night Cooper puts on with Alexis Penney at Aunt Charlie's. Rumor has it that a blitz of Boy George is on the agenda of this week's edition.



Tuesdays, 9:30 p.m.

133 Turk, SF



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