How'd you get so fly, SambaDa?

Rockin' the boardwalk with a Brasilia beat

Pop quiz! 

Q. A woman with the mic croons the bloco afro riddims of her childhood growing up in Salvador. Around her, percussion reigns king and it's possible that a capoeira or samba dancer has snuck onstage to accentuate the party energy. Your body jumps to the beat. SambaDa has you in its grasp. But from whence does this musical group hail?

A. (Choose one)

-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

-Santa Cruz, California


If you picked Santa Cruz, you owe yourself a pat on the back and a spangled samba getup. The crew, a hometown fave, is steeped well in the legacies of reggae, Brazilian worship of sun and sand, and Cali funk. SambaDa got its start as a capoeira group and with the arrival of lead vocalist Dandha de Hora from her home town of Salvador, Brazil, have become a celebration of surf culture and the wonder of the natural world. They're celebrating the release of their fourth album, Gente!, a tribute to the community that has sponsored their musical success.

Sambada tears it down, Carnival style. Shows attract a multi-generational crowd, and inspire foot stomping, hip swaying and a healthy, hearty dose of dance. The best place to watch this music performed is on a beach, feet stomping some white sand... but until the Outer Sunset gains a beach bar and 40 degrees, the stage at the Independent (Sat/13) will more than do for this weekend. 


Sat/13 9 p.m., $13-15

The Independent

628 Divisadero, SF

(415) 771-1421