Snap Sounds: YACHT



The Afterlife


YACHT is to the river as an Oreo cookie is to a tall glass of milk-- fully dunked and soggy. The newly released video for "The Afterlife" is alllll about the Portland electro-pop duo gettin' baptized and cleansed. River baptisms, bathtub renditions, slow-mo and even reverse baptisms. Were they naughty?

I always thought this religious endeavor was all about regaining purity, but they look so innocent in their draping white robes, complete with fancy gold accents, water dripping down their thin noses. According to my trusty ol' friend, Wikipedia, "Lutherans confess that baptism "works forgiveness of sins, delivers from death and the devil, and gives eternal salvation." Regardless of what you think remains to be discovered in the afterlife, know that these two are soaked in preparation. 


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