Live Shots: Soweto Gospel Choir, Paramount Theatre, 03/27/2010


The Soweto Gospel Choir performed at the Paramount Theatre this past weekend, which meant there was dancing, singing and major amounts of smiling happening all across the stage.

The group was made up of almost thirty extremely talented singers, whose musical repertoire included everything from traditional gospel pieces to funky Bob Marley. Their vocal range soared from deep rich bass to sky-high sopranos. The costumes captured every color of the rainbow and flowed to their swirling voices.

The show itself was quite a dramatic mix. Dance routines featuring stomping and gigantic kicks punctuated the singing. A set change put the singers around a table, where they used forks and spoons to beat out the rhythm. The music was incredible; however, I did find parts of the performance overly choreographed, like I was watching a play. I would have liked to see the performers embrace a little more spontaneity in their voices and interact with the audience. Despite my nagging preference, all in all it was an evening to rejoice, topped off with gospel goodness.