Live Shots: Spoon, Fox Theater, 04/13/2010


I'll take one scoop of rock perfection, one scoop of edgy lyrics and a sprinkle of groovy drum beats. Oh, and I'm going to need a Spoon for that.

Spoon concerts are like entering an ice cream parlor of melodies and sampling a menagerie of musical flavors. The band performed at the Fox Theater on Tuesday evening, rocking out to an overly ecstatic, sold-out audience. They just came out with the new album Transference in January and are touring the US and the world to celebrate their new musical masterpiece. Spoon, which has been around since the early '90s, is one of those bands whose music you hear in movies and TV shows and just always seem to be around. They create songs you want to dance to, sing along to and take with you as a soundtrack for your road trip. But Spoon will never be a vanilla band, I'd say they're more mint chip with a swirl of caramel. Or maybe rocky road.