Live Shots: Julieta Venegas, Fox Theater, 5/5/2010


Julieta Venegas is a sparkling bubble of cuteness, with maybe just a hint of Amy Sedaris and Frida Kahlo mixed in.

The Mexican singer and musician performed to an ecstatic crowd on Cinco de Mayo at the Fox Theater, as part of her tour to celebrate her new album "Otra Cosa." The first time I heard Julieta was in Puerto Rico while on family vacation. I was watching music videos (a great way to learn about new music while traveling, I've found) and "Lento" came on:

It's probably the most adorable music video ever made and I immediately decided I wanted Julieta to be my new best music buddy. Her music is so happy and full of sunshine; yet, it still brims with complex melodies and rhythms, creating pristine pop/rock perfection. Her tunes have been the soundtracks to many of my dinner parties, road trips, and workouts over the years. I loved being at the concert with so many other die-hard fans, belting out Julieta's all-Spanish lyrics at the top of our lungs. Ceci Bastida opened for Julieta with some spunky rock pieces that definitely set the mood for the evening of fantastic music. It was by far the best concert I've been to all year. Julieta ... TE AMO!