Boom boom boom! SF's got a horse in the World Cup song race

Nader DeAik wants to boom boom boom the World Cup for the Bay
Photo by Zada Kerimova

What's your favorite World Cup song? We've covered some smoothies in Gavin Hardkiss' "Mundo Via Afrika," and chatted with Eux Autres about their contribution to the games. just poured a cooler of haterade all over Shakira's head for her "Waka Waka," (probably because they don't like Fozzie Bear). But there's tons of delightfully earnest attempts to encapsulate-cash in on the futbol crazy sweeping the globe for the next month. Angelique Kidjo has hit us up with a Curtis Mayfield cover for Africa, and K'Naan... well I love K'naan. His video has a lot of backflips on beaches, which I support. But did you know that SF has a hat-tricking local troubador of our own?

Yes sir, meet Nader DeAik, who had me believing he was a pop star from Bethlehem who was throwing the Bay a bone with a few shows here and there to entertain us with his greatness. But no! He lives here! He is a curly haired, jovial looking man who wants to entertain us with his smiles and Americanized wardrobe (don't believe me? check out his earlier video shot at the de Young - now that's an "international" pop star!). He has recorded a song called "Strike!" that you must set aside your criticism, and just revel in. 

Glory in his greatness. San Francisco, you are now represented at the World Cup. I hear Henry Thierry bumps this in the locker room:

Why'd Nader feel compelled to unleash this into our world? "I'm a huge soccer fan, and a player as well," the soft spoken pop star told me in a recent phone interview. "I wanted to share my excitement and celebration with soccer fans worldwide. I decided to make a song full of energy and spirit."

So... did tapping into the billions of soccer fans out there (three billion alone took in the opening game this year) up Nader's bottom line? "It's a world sport, it's one of the biggest events in the world. Its great exposure for me. I've been getting a lot of great feedback regarding the song."

"It's been playing on radio stations in the Middle East, and it's been playing in clubs here," says Nader, who added he wasn't aware of any other Bay composed World Cup songs this year, and that DJs get hyped to play a local joint to whip up soccer spectators into a frenzy.

Fab, Nader. DeAik's clearly a big believer in the power of the soccer ball to bring people together, so tell us - is it important for the Bay to be represented by a World Cup song (one at least, right?) "Yes absolutly," he decided. "Soccer is very popular in the Bay area, and I think it's great not only for the Bay area, but the US as well. The other day I was at a soccer field and I was shooting parts of the music video with the youth. Watching the youth play soccer, sing along to the song. It was just great."

Nader DeAik

Aug 8, check website for times and prices

The Bethlehem Association 25th Anniversary Convention

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

5101 Great American Parkway, Santa Clara

(408) 200-1234‎

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