Summer Wavelengths: White Girl Lust + Shane King

White Girl Lust peep in

There's a lot of lovely local summer mixes being tossed into my inbox lately, so I thought I'd share a few through regular Summer Wavelengths postings.

Let's kick things off with something energetically breezy, a post-electro yet still gonzo poppy mix from Shane King and local duo White Girl Lust of the Solid Bump label. (There's even a little bit of can-can kiki house near the end during WGL's addictive "Oui.") This one's to promote their upcoming party, Fri/2 at Mezzanine, with Carte Blanche, a superstar DJ duo composed of Mehdi from France and the UK's Riton. All the tracks are either composed or remixed by the aforementioned gentlemen.

As for the party itself, Shane tells me: "It's going into some 909 Chicago house-influenced craziness (and we just got some professional back up dancers to do a Chicago house routine)." If they can pull that off it'll be a doozy. And I bet they can.

Listen after the jump.

Mehdi+Riton @ Mezzinine SF - July 2nd by White Girl Lust

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