Live Shots: Yard Dogs Road Show, The Independent, 11/27/10


All photos by Allen David

Note to self: stuff pockets with glitter. The concept was out in full force for Yard Dogs Road Show's "Glitter and Gold" Thanksgiving weekend show at The Independent (on Saturday, the second of a two-night run). And those prancing, bejeweled pony girls sure didn't disappoint -- neither did the dancing, singing marionette girls, or the multi-cannon explosions of confetti with which the show climaxed. Great visuals, them. The music ranged from Broadway D-Liscious' rubber-ankled lounge rendition of "The Life of the Party," to head bangers, to sexy, warbled somethings -- which sounded sexier (like they always do) when sung by a woman on an accordian. Here's hoping we don't have to wait another two years for the Dogs to get let out in the Bay once more.