Live Shots: Badly Drawn Boy, Swedish American Hall, 12/14/10


“How long do you plan on sitting down there?” said Damon Gough of Badly Drawn Boy as I stared up at him through my fifty millimeter lens perched on the steps of the stage. “Three songs,” I replied, holding up the appropriate number of digits. Our conversation ended there. It was the first time a musician had interacted with me at a concert, and to be honest, it was slightly awkward.

Badly Drawn Boy's tunes originally entered my ears behind the images of Hugh Grant, in the movie About a Boy. There was something so playful about those soundtrack pieces that went perfectly with Grant's crooked smile. Gough's music is much more mellow these days, and actually rather melancholy. I'm not as comfortable with these kinds of songs, especially since I'm known to cry at anything in a minor key (top waterworks instigators include “All the pretty little horses” … no joke.).

But then again, Gough is from England and according to my amigo Craig, it's cold and dark there, so maybe Gough is just expressing a bit of that gray and gloom with the help of his guitar.

One last question … what's up with crocheted cap? He always wears the same one … I want to know the story behind, or rather under, it.

Cheerio yo!