Live Shots: Chaka Khan, The Warfield, 01/14/2011


Sometimes going to a show is not just about the artist, but also about the audience. Fans have the ability to bring so much energy and excitement to a performance, and that's exactly what went down this past Friday night at the Warfield, when super diva extraordinaire Chaka Khan took the stage.

Of course, Chaka's peeps were there to see her. (Dare I say worship her?) But they were also there to get loud, funky, and show off some mighty fine threads. Before the performance even started, people were up from their seats, dancing in the aisles, woot-wooting in unison, to whatever the heck the DJ decided to play next, as they waited for Chaka to come out.

But before Chaka, there was Chrisette Michele, an up-and-coming R&B artist, whose chill tunes and limitless eyelashes really could take your breath away. And then Chaka arrived and the theater packed with groupies totally lost it. For some reason the Warfield decided to put seats out for this show, but there was no way anyone was going to sit on them, at all. Chaka found her groove long, long ago, and she still has it -- and somehow I know she always will.