Snap Sounds: Reuber



This is the most characterful techno album in a long, long while. Instead of obeying minimalist trends, Reuber goes for something epic — Ring is Kosmische, but much more enthusiastic and lively and cheerfully vulgar (the finale verges on trance) than anything that sound's huge cluster of revivalists have put forth in the past few years. The surging syncopation is Moroder-esque or Tangerine Dream-y rather than studious, and the album's energy verges on gonzo, from the coiling, roiling metro-ride momentum of "Ringer" — the centerpiece and highlight — to the tribal fervor that lingers at the far edges of the two tracks before and after it. Performance clips of his Tuvan throat techno after the jump!

Reuber live -- Nov. 16, 2008 (clip 1)

Reuber live -- Nov. 16, 2009 (clip 2)


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