Live Shots: Claudette King, Biscuit and Blues, 02/04/2011


Do you ever watch a performer and find that they exude so much positivity and joy that you find your mouth stuck in a perpetual grin? And then you realize they're singing the blues, rambling away about whiskey woes and dead beat good-for-nothing dudes, and you're like “Why am I smiling?” This is what happened to me on Friday night for the Claudette King concert at Biscuit and Blues.

King not only has a set of powerful, bluesy pipes at her disposal, she also has a disposition of someone who just found herself in a candy shop and can't stop giggling. The audience took it all in, clapping and hooting while simultaneously consuming huge plates of bbq ribs and mashed potatoes. King is the daughter of the much loved B.B. King, but I really think she stands on her own as a true blues singer, although I'm sure her father was an inspiration and an influence on her as an artist.

Oh and I have to mention this: Sam Love and I had the chance to meet King before the show and somehow the convo turned to love and marriage. During her set she sang a piece that's all about “gettin' some good lovin'.” Halfway through the song, King points to me and goes “See that photographer over there? She's getting married to that dude next her. Now, they better get some good lovin' on that wedding night! Well, they probably already are!” So in front of a sold out audience, King just told Sam Love and me a thing or two about getting down. Um, yeah – that just made my night! King has spirit, groove and a whole lot of blues and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.