American Idol: The boys bring it

Screamin' Casey Abrams put a spell on us

I'm not taking it all back (yet) cuz I still think all the tears and drama are stupid, but Ihave to say: the guys brought it last night. Not a single contestant truly sucked (except Jordan, who almost truly sucked, but he's a jerk anyway). Some were absolutely spectacular. Doing Screamin' Jay Hawkins on Idol is nuts, so much could go wrong -- but Casey Abrams pulled of "I Put A Spell On You" in a way that seemed almost impossibly brilliant. I thought Steven Tyler was going to melt into a puddle, he was so blown away. Jennifer Lopez said he was sexy, which should pretty much leave him set for life. I loved Paul McDonald singing Maggie May. Good song selections everywhere. Tonight: The girls.    


Casey was great on "Spell" but I'll take Screamin’ Jay all day long. Hawkins has been called the original shock rocker, the inspiration for acts like Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, KISS and Marilyn Manson. Hawkins would be carried on stage in a blazing coffin and emerge dressed as a vampire, carrying rubber snakes and tarantulas. A favorite prop was Henry, a cigarette-smoking skull that Hawkins kept on the end of a walking stick.

Hawkins says “Spell” was recorded after the record company got him and his band drunk. On my Rockaeology blog at Hawkins says he had to relearn the song from the recording in order to perform it.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 06, 2011 @ 5:03 pm