American Idol: First bad vote

Karen: What were they thinking?

What's the matter -- nobody but Steven Tyler celebrates St. Patrick's day? Jennifer must have some sort of green outfit she could wear.

But no: Other than Steven's little green necklace, it's as if there's no holiday. And that's not the only thing that went wrong.

First the good news: the Born to Be Wild/ Baby I Was Born This Way medley could have been awful, but it was really cool. The "field trip" to the Ford music video studio was shameless. The "something about you" clips were funny,a nd I'm glad to hear that Paul has a 14-year-old wiener dog that smells bad.

Naima gets the best line of the night for telling Randy she has "a passionate hatred for the word 'pitchy.'"

For the most part, the voting was predictable -- until the end. I almost had it right -- Naima and Haley were in the bottom three. But so was Karen -- and that was just wrong. She's great; I love her personality, her story, and what S. Tyler calls here "ethnic what it is-ness." And her mom is soooo cute.

I figured it was Naima's last night; she's by far the weakest of the performers, and isn't going to last another week. But no: the American voters kicked off .... Karen! 

Awful, wrong, indescribable injustice. She's far better than the other two -- and here last-ditch rendition of "Hero" was stunning. J-Lo wanted to save her, but the other judges wouldn't go for it.

So for the first time this spring, a really bad result. Ick.  

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