Live Shots: Fujiya and Miyagi with Fol Chen, the Independent, 3/21/2011


Techno spaz dance-off. That's how the evening started.

Fol Chen was on stage and one of their guitarists was doing some spaztastic moves, while his doppelganger in the front row played along. This went on for several of Fol Chen's songs, the leg kicking, the head bopping. It was quite entertaining to watch. The rest of Fol Chen, wearing matching red band-camp uniforms, were equally enthusiastic on stage, while they belted out a song about a wedding cake.

Then it was the headliner's, Fujiya and Miyagi, turn on stage. They did not rip out the cray-cray dance moves, but they did figure in some funky guitar riffs. This British band, with their whisper-sung lyrics and eery keyboard chords, create sounds that make you feel like you're in a dark, dramatic film, speeding by on a subway, rain pouring down outside, and you have no idea where you're even going. It's music to get lost in, to daydream with, and hey, maybe even enjoy with your bowl of minestrone.