Live Shots: Naughty By Nature at Yoshi's San Francisco, 3/24/11


Everyone get ready for a blast from the past -- and the sudden realization that maybe we're getting old. That's right, turning into real fogies. That's how it goes down when you're at the concert of a group you listened to when you were young and sprightly and they keep throwing words out like “time machine” and “1989” -- it's like, wow, I'm at a 20th anniversary reunion concert for a band I actually like. Weird.

Luckily, Naughty by Nature, the award-winning hip-hop trio from New Jersey, don't look like they've aged a bit and they've definitely still got the same contagiously groovin' energy that made us love them so much in the first place, way back when.

But I was there to take photos, which you can read as dancing like a fool while snapping pics -- precarious, but how could I stop myself when NBN is singing “OPP” right in front of me? And they were truly giving their fans their all. There was major sweat dripping on stage only two songs in, proof of their unfaltering commitment to genuine hip-hop-hooray.

Time to go find my Walkman and mix tapes, pull on a pair of stirrup leggings and spend the rest of the day soaking up the nostalgia. Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!

You know you still jam this