American Idol: Casey was robbed!

Sorry, man -- I voted for you

Damn, did America ever get it wrong this week. Casey's the best all-around musician on the show. He's got a great voice, performs well on stage, and was saved by the judges the first time the texting morons voted him off. And yet, after a solid performance April 28 -- one of the best of a shaky lot -- he was sent home last night. Bogus. Who the hell are these 53 million Americans who voted, anyway?

See, the problem is that Casey's not a pop singer, not even a rock 'n' roller. He's really a jazz guy who loves to play the upright bass. Not sexy enough, I guess.

At any rate, this is the biggest mistake since Pia (even bigger; Pia should have stayed longer, but she was leaving eventually). Casey was in my final three. And Jacob, Haley and Lauren, who just aren't in the same league, get to stay another week. Damn.

Oh well, the show.

A couple of good musical interludes. Crystal Bowersox rocks. I like Bruno Mars. I have to love any song about doing nothing all day and not answering the phone. ("I'm gonna kick up my feet then stare at the fan/ Turn on the TV throw my hand in my pants ...") Party on, Bruno.

But the individual segments are getting longer and longer as the number of contestants dwindles and Ryan still has an hour to fill. In a couple of weeks, we'll be hearing how everyone did in fifth grade. This time, the audience got to submit dumb questions for the contestants, who had generally dumb answers.

And the drama! Pull them up on stage, tell them America has voted, then .... send them back to sit down and wait. Duh, Ryan, America has voted; that's why we're putting up with all the Ford commercials. Get to the point.

And the point was wrong.

People! Americans with sense and taste! You're not voting! The last time you did that a guy named Bush became president! Get with the program! If Scotty and James don't make the final two, I'm moving to Canada.