Live Shots: Kinna Grannis at the Swedish American Hall, 5/10/11-5/11/11


It's rare these days to go to a concert and feel like you really saw something truly wholesome. It's more likely you leave smelling of booze, covered in dance-floor sweat, and with the beat of the drums still pounding in your ears. Luckily, there are still musicians like Kinna Grannis making beautiful, simple songs that can make an audience just sit in total silence as gentle guitar chords wave over them. Grannis is performing at the Swedish American Hall for two nights this week (last night and tonight, Weds/11).

The first of these gigs left people standing out in the horribly cold wind, staring at the sold-out sign plastered to the door. Grannis, who has become famous mostly through the powers of Youtube, shared the stage with her equally talented sisters, Misa and Emi. Lots of her songs have to do with love and happy moments, which will just make you smile, and on her Youtube channel she's explored all sorts of covers, from Tracy Chapman to Britney, bringing a bit of her own folksy twist to all of them.

Imaginary Friend started out the evening with melancholy ballads, just the thing you'd want to play when you're all alone with that special someone.

There was something so pleasantly innocent and precious about the whole night -- maybe if you're lucky enough to get a seat, tonight you can go experience that wholesomeness for yourself.


Kinna Grannis:

Imaginary Friend: