American Idol poll: Who goes home May 12?

Someone has to go, and I bet it's Lauren

Four people left. All of them good. mostly solid performances. Very odd to say Lady Gaga, full-out costume and makeup, sitting backstage "mentoring" the final four. Funny to see her grab James' ass and try to make him shake it like Elvis.

I missed the early part of the show, but Vivian was taking excellent notes, to wit:

James does "Don't Stop Believing" (the Journey version, not the Giants version) and even reminds Randy that he knows that song (easy to forget that Randy once played bass for Journey). Second song is "Love Potion Number 9," a great oldie, and he rocked it. Strong renditions, he's solid for the final. Haley's first act ("Earthsong") is pretty weak, but she comes back strongly with "I Who Have Nothing." Scotty plays guitar, which is unusual, and sings "Where Were You, which is predictable Scotty, as is his "Young blood." Lauren talks about the fllods and does "Anyway," nice vocals, and "Trouble" impresses the judges.

Other than Haley's first, nobody had a bad night. It's going to be tough, America; how you votin?


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